Neo Geo Pocket Console

The Neo Geo Pocket is a monochrome handheld game console released by SNK. It was the company’s first handheld system and is part of the Neo Geo family. It debuted in Japan in late 1998 but never saw an American release, being exclusive to Japan, Asia and Europe.

  • 16-bit Toshiba TLCS-900H high performance core CPU
  • 32-bit/16-bit register bank configuration at 6.144 MHz
  • Virtual screen 256×256, 16 palettes per plane, 64 sprites per frame
  • Z80 8-bit CPU to control the sound chip
  • SN76489 sound chip equivalent (three square-wave tone generators, one white-noise generator, and direct access to two digital-to-analogue converters)
  • I/O serial SIO, one channel at 19200 bit/s
  • 4-bit internal memory

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